Current Projects

Andy Preston


CEO Sleepout.

I founded this charity in 2013 to help fight homelessness and poverty across the UK. I'm still its Chairman. One of the great things about this charity's work is that it connects executives from across Britain with the causes and effects of homelessness in their local community. As of March 2016 this charity has raised over £750,000 and over 500 CEOs and senior executives have joined the fight against homelessness and poverty.

Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation

I founded this charity in 2012 with the aim of encouraging businesses to support their community and boost social cohesion. I still chair the charity and to date we've raised more than £1.7m for the benefit of community groups and charities across Teesside.

The Fork

In June 2016 CEO Sleepout is launching a not-for-profit restaurant called The Fork (in the Road). This high end restaurant will always employ some staff who're recovering addicts, ex-offenders or from other groups who find it hard to get a new chance. Related to The Fork is a cafe called The Spoon and a zero alcohol venue called Bar Sobrio.


I invest in range of businesses.

I have a hands-on role with some of these businesses, while I’ve simply invested money into others.

I’m always looking for new opportunities, so do get in touch if you have a business you think I might be interested in.


I'm currently leading the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign across Teesside and Darlington - encouraging people to understand and appreciate the benefits our area gains from Britain's EU membership.

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