CEO Sleepout

Andy Preston


CEO Sleepout is a great charity doing work across Britain. It's great for two reasons:

1. It has no staff and almost no costs
2. It mobilises Britain's most fortunate citizens to help the least fortunate

I'm really proud to have seen this project grow from an initial one-off event in Middlesbrough into something truly national which has mobilised hundreds of executives in our greatest cities - inspiring them to help change the lives of those who're homeless or at risk of being homeless.

CEO Sleepout has held events at some of the UK's most hallowed and prestigious venues, including Wembley Stadium, St James' Park Newcastle, The Oval and Manchester’s Emirates Old Trafford.

My goal for this organisation is to see it reach into even more cities and improve the life skills and opportunities of the poorest people there. I believe that CEO Sleepout can double its turnover in each of the next two years and become an important national phenomenon.

If you'd like to know more or join one of our events then please get in touch here: